The Slice Serve is an important shot for players to have in their tennis serve. The tennis slice serve is a very important shot that can effectively pull your opponent off the court and open up the court for you to start an offensive attack. The tennis slice serve is hit with sidespin. Tennis technique alone gives you just a rough movement that imparts sidespin on the ball but is still far away from serving accurate slice serves.

  1. To be able to hit an accurate slice serve, you need to use the right grip. Some players prefer to use the continental grip for an easy and natural slice serve.
  2. A strong and proper stance is vital for the perfect slice serve. To be able to perform it properly, you can make use of the net posts as your point of reference. Your body should face the right-hand net post if you are a right-handed player, and the opposite for the left side.
  3. The location of the toss for a tennis slice serve is different from other types of serves particularly with the flat serve or with the topspin serve, but the mechanics are similar. You have to hold the ball near the tips of your fingers. This is to ensure that there is no obstruction when you release the ball at the start of the ball toss. In a tennis slice serve, the ball is tossed slightly further to your right side (if you are a right-handed player) but remember not to overdo it!

Start practising and let us know how your serves starting slicing now!