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What is Hot Shots Tennis?

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is TENNIS FOR KIDS! It’s the only junior tennis program endorsed by Tennis Australia and it is designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability, start playing tennis. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is played on smaller courts with modified equipment, including lighter racquets, lower nets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high, making it easier for children to hit and in turn enhancing their satisfaction and learning experience.

Each lesson takes place in a nurturing environment which promotes participation and inclusion.  Stonnington Tennis offers small classes with qualified and dedicated Tennis Australia coaches.  At Stonnington Tennis your child will have their Coach as well as a roaming Senior Coach to assist them.  This is a unique initiative to assist development and confidence of students, and provides for a better player-to-coach ratio.

With four fun stages (Fundamental, Red, Orange and Green), Stonnington Tennis coaches will help guide your kids every step of the way and ensure that your child is playing at a level that’s right from them, with a program and stage to suit every age and ability.  The four stages of the Hot Shots developmental program aims to have every child entering competition by the age of nine or earlier.  Each stage uses progressive developmental tools including changes in court size and compression of tennis balls to enhance the rate of success for each child.


Ages 3-5

Red Stage

Ages 5-7

Orange Stage

Ages 7-9

Green Stage

Ages 9+

The Four Stages

Children progress from one stage to the next when they are ready.  This ensures that children learn at their own pace and will ultimately make the transition to using a yellow ball on a full-size court when they are fully prepared to deal with the open skills demanded in tennis.

Stonnington Tennis has also introduced extra Advantage levels at every Stage (for eg. Red Advantage, Orange Advantage, Green Advantage) to help group players in even more appropriate classes based on learning abilities and levels of co- ordination/experience.  

Players receive a certificate and / or trophy at the end of each term as well as bi-annual reports – this is a much loved part of the term for the students!


PROGRAM INFO: 30 mins, mini-net & modified equipment

Lessons are played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance the success and playability.

This level concentrates on the fundamental motor skills such as Throwing, Catching and Balance as well as general co-ordination exercises including controlling the racquet and connecting with the ball on the ground. Movement skills such running, stopping, twisting and bending are also practised.

The development of the correct ready position is a major component and considers wide base stance, racquet position, grip and posture. From here it’s onto the development of a rally. This will start without a partner i.e. juggling a ball, bunting a ball upwards and then progressing into partnered rallies

Then it’s to the recognition of major strokes such as the Forehand, Backhand, Volley and Serve and distinguishing this to their right and left. Once children can begin a rally they then need to learn and understand the concept of the ball landing “in” and “out” and therefore then lastly learning basic score techniques.

RED STAGE (Ages 5-7)

PROGRAM INFO: 45 mins, mini-net & modified equipment

Fun games and activities are used to aid hand eye co-ordination and increase child’s self esteem. Lessons begin to focus on the playing of the game of tennis. Lessons are still played on a mini court with modified balls and racquets to enhance accuracy, control and confidence.
Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage:

  • A relationship created between the dominant hand and ball contact as well as learning to do this and swing from both sides of the body,
  • Demonstrate motor skill fundamentals of throwing vertically to assist the development of the service motion from the correct service stance,
  • Have a sound understanding of all major strokes involved, developing basic swinglineshapes using simplified grips and strokes that all enhance performance, understanding and their success rate. Focus of swing shape is through the use of hip and shoulder rotation plus neutral stances are also introduced for groundstrokes.
  • Eventually a rally over the net, focusing on control and consistency i.e. longest rally comps,
  • Finally they will begin to serve to start a rally and also apply a basic scoring system.


PROGRAM INFO: 45mins, three-quarter court, ability to serve & rally

Players learn specific tennis skills in conjunction with fundamental sports skills. The lessons are played from three-quarter to full court in a successful and challenging environment.
Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage:

  • Establish an understanding of the correct start positions for matchplay and also finalise the correct scoring system
  • Perform a directional rally with some consistency (cross court to begin with)
  • Complete swingline clarity on all groundstrokes, volleys and serves
  • Demonstrate some consistency on the serve
  • Demonstrate a variety of stances including neutral and semi-open with court awareness and full understanding of its boundaries
  • Further develop their self-esteem and social interaction with other players.


PROGRAM INFO: 45mins, full court, serve, return, rally & compete

Full court tennis. Players begin to really understand the essence of tennis and competing.
Players will be able to demonstrate the following by the end of this stage:

  • Ability to hit one service type consistently and get into points frequently
  • Shows consistency with return of serve and develop a routine for readiness of the return
  • Management of ball direction and ability to hit down the line when balanced
  • Demonstrate hitting with a variety of heights with their groundstrokes
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of spin development and the type of bounce that type of spin produces
  • A sense of strengths and weaknesses
  • Demonstrate hitting off neutral, semi-open, open and back foot stances,
  • Demonstrate basic tactics such as rally deep cross court and attack short balls down the line
  • Establish an understanding and respect the basics of sport etiquette.

There’s an introduction to Hot Shots Club Competition and players can also participate in assisted match scenarios.


  • We will endeavour to meet your preferred day/times but it is not guaranteed & subject to availability