Some amazing numbers were produced by these two greats of the game!

Federer won 14 more points for the match but still lost in 5 sets. Reminds us how important the sequence of points are in tennis! For example, if you get to game point first you only have to win one more point to win the game whereas your opponent has to win 3 points in a row.

In fact, Federer won every single stat for the match except the unforced error count but he did achieve a better winner to error ratio overall of 1.5 : 1 versus Novak’s 1 : 1.

Winner to Error ratio is an important number based on your game plan and intention. Someone like Novak or Simona Halep hit fewer winners and also make fewer errors whilst the likes of Federer or Serena can hit up to twice the amount of winners and also produce a similar count of errors. Brings us to the all-important forced error stat which is so critical for a developing junior so that they can apply pressure and reduce risk.

Concepts like the “winner to error ratio”, “forced error” and others such as the importance of the first point, grouping points and getting to 30 first are all taught at our tactical and mental squad at Stonnington Tennis on a weekly basis.

We always hear that tennis matches are won and lost between points, so come along to Stonnington Tennis and be taught more than the physical aspect of tennis but the mental aspect too.