Did you know 62% of women in Victoria say they want to become more physically active?

That’s why ‘This Girl Can – Victoria’ begun their celebration of women being active, no matter how they look or their skills. They support gender equality by challenging traditional gender roles (sporty and active as male traits) and by celebrating women who are fit and strong.

Through their research, they found that women were worrying about being judged when they exercise, and often were too embarrassed or intimidated to exercise in public.

That’s why This Girl Can – Victoria is about giving it a go and getting active; no matter how well you do it, how you look, or how sweaty you get. Whether it’s a walk in the park, a gym sesh, a killer run, or gathering a few gal pals for a game of netball, there are so many ways to get active. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started

One of the sports they suggest is tennis! If you’re looking to learn more about the sport and receive some recreational or competitive lessons, for children, adolescent or adults, see here!

We also have the opportunity to book courts so you can come down with your friends and have a fun, low-key, social game on your own terms!