Looking to upgrade some of your gear? It’s important for athletes to keep their equipment in good shape as well as themselves. Here is what we have on offer at our Pro Shop:

Synthetic Gut Restring $35

Synthetic gut is nylon, nearly always composed of a single filament. It is a very inexpensive string to manufacture and is generally the least expensive string to purchase.

Polyester Restring $45

This setup provides the durability, control and spin of polyester with the comfort, power and touch of a softer string – otherwise known as the best of both worlds.

Junior Hot Shots Tennis Racquets $40

These racquets are smaller than regular ones to make it easier for children to control the equipment and utilise it to their best ability

Australian Open Tennis 4 Ball Can $12.50

The official ball of the Australian Open boasts optimal performance and durability on hard courts.

Grips $5

The type of grip material you choose can depend on your skill level, style of play and the type of feel you’re looking for. Common grip materials include rubber, leather or synthetic polymer materials such as neoprene.